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Prayer for my family

By July 12, 2017 No Comments

Thank You for praying

The last couple of days I’ve been getting calls I did not recognize. So I did not answer them and then I would call the unknown number back. Well, when I called back apparently it was from an inmate. Which I believe is Christopher my brother.

So tonight I started looking on line and found his name, it said he was arrested 7- 7- 17 for parole violation. Specifically which one, or where I do NOT know. Maybe Fort Worth.

The picture I seen online, he looks so aged, worn out and beaten down.😢😭

Please pray for him, his life has been harder than mine. I know he made some bad choices in life.
This saddens me, deep down Christopher is a good guy who made bad choices. He, I believe is stuck in a vicious cycle. And the enemy keeps attacking him. I know Christopher is hurt.
He also has 2 children 14 & 15.

He needs direction and help, because he’s barely making it in life and I can only do so much.
I believe he feels ashamed deep down for for his past.