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Prayer Request

May 15, 2015

Nyah is a little girl (1yr old) that was born with spinabifida and multiple other issues. She is in Boston right now and had an 8 hr surgery yesterday on her back. She came out of the surgery ok but has been unresponsive to anything. She does not respond to fear or pain and she now has pneumonia. She completed a full MRI without moving, which is crazy loud. Her Keane (5 yrs old) is also sick and has pneumonia. They have all recently been ill and dealing with way more than one family ever should.

Please pray for healing and health, some semblance of peace, hope, strength and whatever the father puts in your heart for this family. It’s hard to keep holding yourself up for so long like they have and keep going. Her parent’s are Chris and Amber. Thank you soooo much!