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Alvin and Melodie

Our son Brent, had gastric surgery to loose weight earlier this year. But has not been able to keep food down. He was hospitalized today for starvation. malnutrition, dehydration . they are placing a PICC line in him to insert vitamins, fats, etc. directly to his blood stream and have done CT scan tonight. Monday they are going to do an endoscopy and use a balloon to enlarge his shrunken stomach some. They said if his inability to keep food down continues, his organs and heart can shut down. He will have to keep the PICC line in after he goes home, for about a month, and will have to watch it closely to prevent infection. Please pray for Brent. He\'s so afraid of being a burden to anyone that he has been keeping his problems to himself instead of sharing them with those of us that love him . He was saved as a little boy, but has strayed somewhat from his faith in recent years. Please pray that God will use this to help draw him closer again to God. We love him so much, and we know God loves him even more than we do. Your prayers and thoughts will be truly appreciated. Alvin and Melodie Meissner

Received: September 27, 2014