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We as a family have a major prayer request. We are in our latter years. We have 2 amazing sons. Let's start with the oldest. He is a single dad with custody of 2 gorgeous children, a son and a daughter. On December 22, 2018, he and his fiancée were involved in a major motorcycle accident. They stayed with us for 2 weeks to begin their recovery. Since that time they have been evicted from their home and are now living with us. It will be approximately 6 more weeks before he can return to work. They are in need of a home in the Joshua, TX area for them to move into. They have searched and searched with no results.

The youngest is also a single dad with custody of his 2 sons. One son is a special needs child. Due to the demands of this child, he has not been able to hold a full time job. He was working seasonal for a local retail store with promises of assistant manager position which would allow him to attend to his son. The lady that was telling him all of this was not being truthful. She controlled his hours of working. He has lost his vehicle and his home. The vehicle was repossessed last week and he received eviction notice yesterday, Tuesday. We are at capacity in our home already. He is very depressed and not in a good place. This carries over to his sons.

This is my request, if someone has a rv that they are willing to donate or loan for a little while, we have the hook ups and can pull the rv to our property. Also, if someone has a vehicle that they can donate, sell on terms or loan for a while that would be amazing.

My sons are hardworking young men and love the Lord and have fought for their children. They have never and will not abandon their responsibility of being dads.

We have gone as far as we can. We haven't had any work since last September for ourselves. We are just not able to help.

God has done so much for this family and I know there is more. Please pray for us.

Received: February 6, 2019