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Martha Rameriz

I dont know what shes going threw with prodigal son. She teaches at her church but shes kicking her son and daughter in law out of the house. The sick need a doctor they dont need a teacher not showing them christ and love. Second commandment is love your neighbor as your pretty sure none of us would kick our selfs out of the house and if god is love then how will they know what love is? Thiers alot of prayers needed and being Christmas this minth is even a worse time to not let others see love threw us being we claim to be gods children and not a Palestine. So prayers for martha and her son and daughter in law because it is nit fun being kicked out of a home in the winter time and around Christmas......I could only image if jesus/God would have quit loving us and doing the same to us when we fail.

Received: December 2, 2019