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Whether you need prayer or would like to pray for others in North Texas, KCBI's prayer center is the place for prayer. Pray for those in need and allow KCBI and our listeners to lift you up in prayer today!

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Please, I am in desperate need of prayer from as many as possible. and my two sons (ages 6 and 3). Safety, well-being, entire lives on the line. Left an abusive marriage to protect sons, past three years have been relentlessly stalked and harassed and intimidated, brought to financial ruin, and ex continues to bury me in court with his powerful and evil attorney - they are doing everything to take my two little sons away from me. no money and may have no attorney to help me and final hearing is in June. Also don't know how I will survive with living costs as I stay at home full time with sons and ex stopped paying support. Judge (Catherine is first name) will decide by possibly tomorrow on my ex's claims that he can't pay child support (he made over $145K last year, $260k the year before that, and is still receiving paychecks yet claiming COVID hardship when he is self-employed and his work has nothing to do with what is going on) and I can hardly pay for food right now, let alone rent or any bills. Hoping for work by the fall when both sons can be in programs, but they need me right now and I can't work yet and no options for childcare, etc before this fall anyway. my ex knows this and wants me to fail and become homeless so he can have the kids.

My sons have been with me everyday since birth and I have given up everything and risked everything to protect them. oldest son shockingly revealed (acting out on youngest brother) that his father sexually assaulted him but was not believed and no charges were pressed. I fear for my life. That my ex will have someone kill me if he succeeds in taking our sons away. The little boys hardly know their father and they are NOT safe with him. My oldest is scared of his father and easily manipulated/confused by him, and both boys could be sexually abused the rest of their lives if taken. My ex wants me dead or in jail (has even asked the court to put me in jail and that I should be arrested and kids taken by social services). This is all so evil, it is a living hell. I am terrified. Trying to be strong. Up against a LOT of money and power and legal influence. The courts seem to be believing my ex and his lying attorney. more and more stories of Mom's having their young children taken by abusers with money. Please Lord, I need a miracle. just want to raise my sons in the Lord and us to have a life of safety and peace. Hearing for custody June 11th and FINAL. need miracle before then

Received: May 12, 2020