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Whether you need prayer or would like to pray for others in North Texas, KCBI's prayer center is the place for prayer. Pray for those in need and allow KCBI and our listeners to lift you up in prayer today!

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

- I would like prayers to find a job in media library in Brittany, to succeed in my territorial competition, to restore my marriage and be

surrounded by loving and caring people. May we never divorce, Lord, and let me speak of Your plan for us! Let me tell you about my aunt and

accept my testimony and ministry !! I would like to see my grandparents and avoid medication and care, that I totally heal, Lord Jesus !!

That I find a good job in Rennes and training, that hands are laid on me, that I am not like Marthe. Let me be decent and not shameless.

That I am responsible and debt-free, merciful, that I control Facebook, that I go to prayer groups, that I sleep, manage the CAF and answer

to Marie. May I find my soul as a child Lord !! May my body be the Temple of the Holy Spirit !! That I know how to fast and how to love them

pagans, that I apply for this offer, Lord !! Let me do a biblical institute and be a biblical. Let her come back with me, Lord, please !! That I

be strong in writing and do not stay separated for too long. Let me write my life and delete my AAH. May I be healed from my sins and diseases,

Lord !! I cry, regret and repent before You, Lord !! Let me pass a diploma and adapt to the king's wedding. I want to thank you

Lord, for the new things in my life and my heart !! Lord, help me fast according to You !! Lord, that I blame my faults according to You, that I

confess my sins to my brothers, let them be in the light !! I don't have to say it all. Let me contact the lawyer. That i find a

little job and don't talk about my fasts, let me go to Clo and the Champs Libres. May I not preach Christ with a spirit of dispute !! Change my

heart, Lord, restore my soul and heal me !! May I be efficient. Pray for the end of the occult and that I no longer listen to myself or Satan's voice !! That I

do not meditate. Let me go to Rennes tomorrow. Lord, may I be patient for Your plan to be fulfilled, may I not cause scandal,

may I heal from my mythomania !! That I find a psychiatrist in Rennes !! Let me ask for a third time !! I find a good church near my house

me !! Let me get my stuff and control my tongue. May I no longer be self-centered and selfish !! Let me work at my office. I buy a kit

hands free. May I not be tearful and can read again. Let me contact Diane and cancel this interview. Lord, forgive my adultery !! Let me remind the libraries. Let me re-read my applications.

Let me be accepted in this training and stop lying. May I get my wife back, pray more in tongues and receive gifts from the Spirit !! May my faith be less intellectual and more spiritual. Lord,

enlighten me on Your will for my life !! Let me fast tonight and decide in my marriage. Let me confess my sins. Lord, make us perfect !! Let me announce that I'm Pentecostal. May I don't be in the flesh. That she finds her

Holy Spirit gifts. May I believe in healings, in hands imposition, may I see healings. That everyone finds his minister. May I avoid cults and don't pray with my intelligence. May I don't fear contagion. O Lord, please

explain my dreams !!

Received: June 29, 2020