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Whether you need prayer or would like to pray for others in North Texas, KCBI's prayer center is the place for prayer. Pray for those in need and allow KCBI and our listeners to lift you up in prayer today!

I prayed for this

Prayed for 3 times.


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

- I want a prayer to find a job in the media library in Brittany, carry out my territorial tasks, restore my marriage and power

surrounded by people who love and give. We can never separate you, sir, and I will tell you about your plan for us! I can find courses for libraries. Let me talk about mine

Aunt and

Accept my testimony and service! I want to see my grandparents, avoid drugs and fear they will recover, Lord Jesus!

Let me find a good job and train in Rennes and I will give you hands other than Marthes. Let me be nice and not obvious.

I am responsible and debt free, compassionate, I manage Facebook, go to prayer groups, sleep, manage CAF and respond

Mary, I can discover my son's soul, Lord! Let my body be the temple of the Holy Ghost! I can fast and love

Let me ask you about this offer. I want to create a biblical institution and be biblical. That I

Write a lot and don't let it last long. Let me write my life and leave AAH. I can heal my sins and disease

Sir !! I'm crying sir! Let me finish school and adjust to the king's wedding. I would like to thank

Lord, for new things in my life and in my heart!

Confess my sins to my brothers, let them be in the light! I want to contact a lawyer. I'm finding one

A little work and I'm not talking about my contribution, let me switch to Clo and Free Champions. I cannot preach Christ with a fighting spirit! Change mine

The heart of the Lord renews my soul and heals me! I can really pray for the end of the occult, and I will not hear Satan's voice again! That I

Don't meditate, let me go to Rennes tomorrow. Sir, be patient, have your plan and do not be overbearing.

I can cure my mythomania! Find a psychiatrist in Rennes! Let me ask you for the third time !! I find a good church near my house

only !! Let me pack and check my language. I can not be selfish anymore! let me

Read my questions again.

I participate in this training and stop lying. I can relax my wife, pray in many languages ​​and receive gifts from the Spirit! Let my faith be less intellectual and

Be more



Enlighten me with your will in my life! Let me travel fast and decide on today's wedding. Let me confess my sins, Lord, make us perfect! Let me tell you who I am

Whitsun. Let me find you

The gifts of the Holy Ghost. I can believe in medicine. Let everyone find their minister. I can avoid worship and I cannot pray with my intelligence. None

it is

Fear of infection. Sir

explain my dreams !! I can return to Bressuire and be single. I can pack up and be independent. I can be happy and happy. I can plan and organize my life.

I can't feel lonely and

I agree with

Both can be free and take medication. I can contact a lawyer. I can fast for 40 days with my brothers and sisters. That I

find friendship and brotherhood

pray effectively, as Jacob said. I can get prophetic healing. I can give gifts and be in my hands. I can get answers to my questions and call back. They were here

lie and hide. I'm not alone with a woman and traveling with my family to Concarneau. Let me know the man is looking into your eyes. Oh sir, my partner wakes up


Do another miracle

I'll let you know

pray !! When you see a priest or therapist. I want to be a better person and fear God. I can afford and not be paranoid, I can recover from my illness.

Define the cutout

Lord, lead me. I can change my mind and make more money. There is no conflicting spirit. I can speak with your voice Holy Spirit, I recognize your thoughts! I can make underwear

To do

normal clothes

find Pentecostal church or

Charismatic Church I can find a job and get angry. I can not use and eat animal products. I can give and evangelize the Bible. I live in a car and I want to cancel it


Your psychiatrist, I'm using a new computer, and I'm protecting my computer. Let me find an apartment and call the owner. Let me write a book that I find a volunteer for.

I can register WhatsApp, save money and install Adblock. I can make statements and I do not feel condemned. I can eat completely and I am not busy for 15 days. I can perform my service


In the church I can belong to the church

Meet. I can find FJT and issue my certificate. I am not afraid of Gentiles and I see people regularly. I still find prayer groups. I can work in the library and

Vincent calls. I can eat breakfast and have fun. Come with me and contact us read life

Books I can't kill myself and go to Apple. I can get in touch with people and not be obsessed with sexual sin. I can learn more

Bible. I can practice I can change garage and budget. Let me not take this opportunity to stay in Rennes any longer. Let me say shorter sentences. Bedroom! What I wear


CFCB, , I try not to be a hero and apologize for the sin I have committed

I understand. I can recover, sir! I can 't ask for paintings anymore, gods. Let me pretend and never sin. I recommend you more, sir !! Let me practice I use it

Listen to the wise men. As

Conduct a job interview training. That I would take this space. That I would find a job, a job in the hotel industry. That I take an internet subscription. Take care of my home. Let me have no debt and give Bible to people.

May I eat more and seek for brotherhood. May I don't fear to get fat.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers! May you be blessed abundantly, may the Lord reassure you!

Received: July 10, 2020