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tangela wheeler

Please prayer for me to have the strength to allow God to deal with my adult daughter who is a prodigal child. I have tried to witness to her many times. It's breaking my heart to see her living a reckless and ungodly lifestyle. Briefly her story:

She's been through a lot with her husband prior to them marrying and once they got married. They recently became separated. And possibly in the process of getting a divorce. They've only been married a year. She claims she loves him. I've told her on several occasion she just need to pray for him as well as herself. To focus on God, her children and herself. Instead she went out out and got involved in a relationship with a man she just met. What's so troubling and overwhelming for me is that she has 4 daughters, my gran girls from ages 11 to 1 years. She has allowed this man that she don't really know come into her home. This has sadden me and is very hard for me. One that she has gotten involved in a relationship which she knows she should not be in and secondly, she has this man around my babies. I worry so much. She doesn't know what this man true character is like and what he is capable of doing. I tried to talk with her but she will not listen to me. She make it seem like I am judging her. I just would appreciate if I can get as many true followers of Jesus Christ to come along side of me and pray for her as well as myself. I have lost my peace. It has caused me to have sleepless nights. I want Gods deliverance for myself and her to save. Thanks in advance for the prayers

Love and Blessings in Christ Jesus

Daughter name: Courtney

Gran girls: Avery, Jordan, Kylie and E'meri

Received: July 27, 2020