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Melissa Rios

Good morning, I was diagnosed with psychosis, bipolar, PTSD back in 2017 and have been in out of psych facilities such as Millwood, Hickory Trail, Mesa Springs & MayHill Hospital. I was recently discharged from MayHill on Sept 5th. I stopped taking my meds and was put in the hospital. I feel I struggle because I haven’t been the best wife or mother that I could be. My husband & I have 3 children, ages 22, 13 & 8. I went to college in 2007 & comitted adultery on husband with 2 different men & slept with them. My husband comitted adultery as well, but he did not sleep with the women he was with & he struggles at times since I slept with a friend of his from high school. Also, I need to talk to my kids & husband at the right time or get counseling to let them know how truly sorry I am & I pray they forgive me. I feel my husband has forgiven me, he wants me to get better and stay out of the hospital & I want to stay out of the hospital as well. I just hope and pray I’m truly making him happy and not hurt him anymore. My husband & I have been more intimate with each other & feel things are getting better. We are planning to take a vacation for about 4 days to focus on each other and have a honeymoon that we never had before. We married in 2013, divorced in 2012 & remarried in 2014. I really regret divorcing my husband because on the day of the divorce I felt we shouldn’t but did it anyways because we were already at the place. I’m trying to tell myself that I am the right wife for him & the right mom for our kids and don’t want to feel or think he should be with someone else. I learned God doesn’t create marriage to fail & I hope and pray our marriage & family will grow stronger with God & each other. Please be in prayer for complete healing in our marriage,complete healing with our kids, for my mental health to get better and for me to stay out of the hospital, get 7-8 hours of sleep, keep all negative thoughts out of my mind,take my meds & for God’s will. I would love to get off the meds I’m on & be healthy. I haven’t been sleeping well since 9/5. Done nights I sleep 2-4 hours and some night I get 6 or 7. Last night, was a really good night compared to the others. My husband & I were intimate with each other & I slept about 6 hours last night. Thank you.

Received: September 16, 2020