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I am needing urgent prayers for a few reasons (1) My marriage has been in shambles and on the point of divorce for 6 years. We are at a better place now but there is still a lot of pain and trust issues that I feel towards my Husband and a lot of the reasons why I at one point loved my Husband are no longer there. (2) These marital problems have really made parenting harder because the kids have lost respect for there Dad even only being 5 and 2 they seem to resent him and have little respect for Him. Like I said before it is getting better but it's still hard and almost can make us all want to just give up. (3) A little over three years ago my Husband lost his stable job, just a year prior we built a house now because of this job loss we got terribly behind and after unemployment, many temp jobs, as well as part time work with minimum wage, He has come to the point of having to work two full time low paying jobs for us to stay a float. He is only getting maybe 4 or 5 hours of sleep, see's the kids for maybe 15 to 20 minutes a day and the most conversation or time we spend is a hug to say hello or goodbye and some texting through the day. This has also placed an extra burden on finances and our marriage and our children. Plus it's only keeping us from going further in debt. It is not getting us out of it. (4) To make everything worse we got a foreclosure letter from the USDA on our house this past month even though they'll be taking our two years of tax returns leaving us only around $4000.00 in debt. Right now they just seem to want to take our house even though our struggles have been evident to them. We are trying to appeal but it's not looking good. Please pray for us to Regain our Marriage and Family, for us to become financially okay without the need for my husband to work so much and Please pray that the USDA will have mercy on us and work with us so we can keep our house. I feel we need a miracle from God right now! Please again pray for us on these matters!!

Received: February 18, 2015