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I Know this says "Prayer Request" but I just have a Praise Report and prayer request all in one to share with everyone. A couple years ago I put a prayer request on this website. I had just had my son in March of 2013 and my son's father was in a lot of sin and still is. My family and I were struggling with custody for the sake of my son. My baby's father has 5 other kids with another woman and my son is his 6th. I just wanted to praise God because he brought my family out of the worst time we have ever had in our whole lives. And he was with us through it all and even still. Let me give a little testimony:

When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I had the option of "plan B" (Morning after pill). I considered it but decided to put God in the center of my decision. So I prayed and asked God what he thought and asked him what's the right thing to do. He told me "if you have to question it, its most likely not right"

So I decided to follow through with it. Then I suddenly burned with motivation to keep him and to own up to my responsibility and the consequence of my sin (out of wedlock).

Then later, when I was in labor with my son, he was in posterior position. He was stuck in that position for 2 hours no progression. the dr said he would give me C-section at 2 hours, but I refused. My family and I prayed and ever since then he was progressing. Then at 2:01pm (after only pushing for 2 and a half hours) baby boy was born : 8lbs and 3.2 ounce baby 20 and 1/4 inches long. I was a tiny person as it was (he was conceived when I was 101.1 lbs) That Wednesday (5 days after giving birth) I had came down with a sickness, which was an internal infection. My skin was turning colors all over my body and I was weak I could hardly walk for 4 weeks. During that time, that Monday after my son was born, my baby's father decided to knock on the door at my house. Demanding to see our son. Knowing his demanding behavior along with anger, and with the vibe he gave off, we refused to let him see him. So he threatened to take us to court. My father was at the door protecting us, his family, and his new baby grandson. We finally met with my baby's father and eventually let him see our son through meetings. Then he filed a court case for custody. We later found out his history of certain bad things and that it comes in waves even still. Through 2 long years of his bitterness and anger towards us, and we kept turning to God for help. God gave us peace through the distress. And strength through those hard times. I want to praise God for answering our prayers, and giving mercy and grace to us even though It was my fault for having a child out of wedlock. But this isn't about me or my family. Its about keeping my son safe (and everyone else) and how God is faithful in protecting and providing for those who love and trust Him and are faithful to Him. Now I have full custody of my son, and he is safe and sound.

Also I am not sick any more from the infection after taking double antibiotics (2x per day) everyday for 1 week. Thank you all for praying!!! And I thank God for being there in distress and being in control and being the Loving God He is!!!

My new prayer request:

That God reveals Himself to my baby's father and his other kids' mother and that my baby's they accept the call. Everyone has a purpose. And I pray that God reveals His purpose to them and their kids and reveals His power and glory. Thank you all!

Received: April 2, 2015