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Prayers for my family

By October 16, 2017 No Comments

My prayers are for my ex husband that drugs took from me 14yrs ago that I still love and want him back as my husband I pray that he will see the the damage his cause to our family our son is now 29 and unable to hold a job and I just pray that God will bless him with one. I made a decision to divorce him thinking that would help him see his wrong but the drug was way more powerful I’m a woman of God and I had lost all my faith in everything back then but I know now that my God is Awesome, powerful and faithful in all his ways my heart is heavy burden with theses two things my son and ex husband are my world I just pray that he will change both there hearts and minds that they may also know that there is a God most high worthy to be praised and that he can and will bring our family back together as one whole family united in Christ.