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Prayers For Transition

By January 4, 2017 No Comments

My family and I relocated from Atlanta to the DFW area to move closer to family after experiencing great financial loss (home, job) and the failing health of both of my parents. Since being here it has been very difficult for me to find full time employment. My husband has a job, but he is starting over and is not making the money he made before. We have two children who have never complained through our situation. We weren’t able to bring our things from Atlanta because we couldn’t afford to have it shipped and we don’t have friends who can help with the move, so we are living without alot. We know those are just things, but when it’s cold and you need your coat that’s already paid for, it matters. I also need serious dental work on 2 teeth that have broken since we have arrived here. I need to be in a better position to take care of my family and help out with my parents. I am asking for prayer for a breakthrough in our situation. Thank you.