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Praying for acceptance to UTA graduate program

June 19, 2015

I requested prayers on the KCBI prayer wall in May regarding an application I had placed for graduate admission to UTA’s Nurse Practitioner program. I’d been trying to stay strong & hopeful in the waiting process. I had read online that there had been over 400 applicants last year alone, & only 120 were accepted. Although I had been praying, I would get anxious at times and begin worrying about whether or not I would be accepted to the program. I put another request for prayer on the prayer wall again this week, as I was anticipating an admission decision soon. Yesterday, I saw online that other applicants had began receiving their acceptance emails. I was beginning to get nervous. This morning I began claiming scriptures about how He works all things together for my good. ALL PRAISE, GLORY & HONOR BE TO THE KING OF KINGS, MY PROVIDER!! I received my acceptance email today and I am so overwhelmed by the faithfulness of God!!! He has never failed me, never forsaken me. Praise Him!!!