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praying for strength in my faith,walkand Gods word

May 14, 2015

First i want to pray for everyone who is in need of Gods blessing times are hard and satin is on the attack. He’s been attacking us since day one i just had my account hack and they stole my moneymy marriage is under fire my daugther is being disrespectful wanting to be grown and not listen i don’t really go around my family because i been trying to make my marriage work i haven’t been to church our bible study cause my husband think it’s someone i like the reason i go. I go cause i need the Lord i want a better relationship with the Lord for myself and it helps me to be a better me and bible study help me to understand Gods word better alot of things i didnt understand but everytime i do something even from work our a field trip causr i drive school buses he feels like there someone catching my eye and it’s not true at all. Im sorry its so long i needed to vent. Its hard i need your Godly prayers i dont know what to doit seems like everything around is attacking me even my income.



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