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Praying the Names of God Guide

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Such a powerful way to pray through the names and characteristics of God! The Navigators has a great tool for us to use, I would suggest printing off a copy and keeping near your Bible or notebook to be reminded of God’s depth, detail, and divinity.

Day 1

God is Jehovah. The name of the independent, self-complete being—“I AM WHO I AM”—only belongs to Jehovah God. Our proper response to Him is to fall down in fear and awe of the One who possesses all authority.

Exodus 3:13-15

Day 2

God is Jehovah-M’Kaddesh. This name means “the God who sanctifies.” A God separate from all that is evil requires that the people who follow Him be cleansed from all evil.

Leviticus 20:7,8

Day 3

God is infinite. God is beyond measurement—we cannot define Him by proportions or magnitude. He has no beginning, no end, and no limits.

Romans 11:33

Day 4

God is omnipotent. God is all-powerful. He spoke all things into being, and all things—every micro-organism, every breath we take—are sustained by Him. There is nothing too difficult for Him to do.

Jeremiah 32:17,18Jeremiah 32:26,27

Day 5

God is good. God is the embodiment of perfect goodness. He is kind, caring, and full of favor toward all of creation.

Psalm 119:65-72

Day 6

God is love. God’s love is so great that He gave His only Son to bring us into fellowship with Him. God’s love not only encompasses the world, but embraces each of us personally and intimately.

1 John 4:7-10

Day 7

God is Jehovah-jireh. This name means “the God who provides.” Just as He provided yesterday, He will also provide today and tomorrow. He grants deliverance from sin, the oil of joy for the ashes of sorrow, and eternal citizenship in His Kingdom for all those adopted into His household.

Genesis 22:9-14

Day 8

God is Jehovah-shalom. This name means “the God of peace.” We are meant to know the fullness of God’s perfect peace, or His “shalom.” God’s peace surpasses understanding and sustains us even through difficult times. It is the product of fully being what we were created to be.

Judges 6:16-24