Praise Wall

Prodigal Son returned

I reached out last week for prayers for my Son Brady who has been incarcerated in Collin County for large amounts of narcotics and facing 7 Felonies. God has really poured out his Grace and Peace over Brady just in the last 10 days since arrest. He’s now a Trustee and owning his mistake and glad to be delivered from the Darkness. He’s reading the Bible and a book called Saving Grace which has made a huge difference in his thoughts of where he has been placed at 31 years old. He was saved at 12 in TBN fountain in Irving and I know that seed was planted for growth over the years. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to KCBI which has been my Station I cannot do without daily, nightly and forever for Great Things have come from the spiritual uplifting music and Radio personalities we Love so much. I am so excited about God’s amazing works right now even with the heart ache of him being behind bars but GOD SAVED MY SON’S LIFE by placing him where he is. Please continue to pray for our family. TY