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Protection of life and healing

By February 12, 2017 No Comments

On April last year in small town in Europe, my mom got sick , was send to ERe wrong diagnosis-high sugar and pneumonia..It turned out she had a kidney stone blocked her ureter14 days later.Even on the firs day at ER we were told there was sm wrong w her kidneys, they reduced the antibiotics, and she was in septic shock, w 80percent chance to die. I was laying my hands on her, praying to God to spare her.It was 2pm on my birthday. Next day she was getting better, but still had her face turned blue one or few times a day. I was reading in in internet about this condition that there is a reason for this septic condition, I knew sm was wrong.We moved to another hospital, to the nearby bigger town, where were given the right diagnosis, but the latest laser trment was not availabl ,only surgery.She was successfully treated at the capital and healthy now.God hears and He knows, trust Him even when things look scary He is in control.Thk you prayer team 4 ur prayers last April.Glory to God!