Praise Wall

Psalm 91′ No weapon formed aganist me’

I greet you today in the name of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ’ I wanted to share with you on today of how God is turning my lifes situations around. 1) I now have a godly counselor, 2) I now have a deliverance minister,3) I found a way of living healthy; By eatting a more green food based diet, (It will enable my body to heal), 4) I believe that once I totally line my life up with the Lord, then my purposed jubilee husband will come, 5) Matthew 6:33, Doesn’t operate on a time frame’ Things happen when God approves it’ but we must be ready’ 6) Alot of things that I never had the chance to do in life’ will happen. The Lord convinced me that it’s not too late’ and I am not too old’ Nobody died and made people your judge, and there’s only 1 who died and is the true king’ Be open to what he says’ 7) God is a constant reminder to me that I am on the right path. A couple of days ago’ I was told by a man who was 60′ that he had just married the love of his life’ I am encouraged’ Smile!