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Pushing Past Your Past

We all have things in our past we wish we could erase. And you’ve heard people say, “Don’t let your past define you!” But what if that is exactly what it’s supposed to do? Author and speaker Kasey Van Norman sits down with Rebecca and Liz-Rod-on-the-Pod to talk about the power in using your past to propel you in your purpose.

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Kasey Van Norman is a bestselling author, counselor, cancer-survivor, and Bible teacher living in Bryan/College Station, TX with her husband, Justin, and their two children, Emma Grace and Lake.

Kasey has 20 years of experience as a mental health therapist and has traveled the country encouraging others with God’s Word for 10 years. She loves connecting with women through retreats and events and is a plenary speaker for the Extraordinary Women Conferences and the American Association of Christian Counselors. She is most beloved for her authentic teaching style; challenging us with deep Biblical truth through relatable story-telling and her endearing wit.

Justin and Kasey are directors of Northway Farms; a non-profit farm situated in their own backyard, offering recovery relationships and resources to homeless women in their hometown. Kasey also serves as a re-entry liaison at her local prison for women reentering society after addiction and incarceration. The Van Normans are devoted members of Faith Bible Church in Bryan.

Kasey studied at Stephen F. Austin State University, receiving her B.A. in Psychology, B.A. in Public Speaking, M.A. in Community Counseling, and M.A. in Biblical Studies. She is a certified Mental Health Counselor, and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor.

Find Kasey on Instagram and Facebook @KaseyVanNorman.

Also, if you’d like to purchase her latest book, “Nothing Wasted: God Uses The Stuff You Wouldn’t”, you can click here!

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