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Rate Your Thanksgiving Day Priorities

By November 17, 2017 No Comments

Thanksgiving Day is all about traditions. You may not even understand why you do one particular tradition but it’s your tradition and each year you enjoy going through the ritual of it all. For me, it’s got to be waking up and enjoying the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade all cozy in our PJ’s. Then we get into food making mode while the football game is on…and there is a non-negotiable in my Thanksgiving…Peas! Got to have the peas on the plate – that is Thanksgiving for me. (I’ve even been known to bring my own bag of frozen peas!) Of course there is the post feast walk and the swing contest. Whew – so many traditions!  What are the non-negotiables for you? What is your favorite part?
A) Thanksgiving Day Parade
B) Football Games
C) The Feast!
D) The Post Feast Nap