Praise Wall

Re Jeff’s story today about his son-Hope in tough situations

Jeff that’s exactly it. We have a son that has special educational needs and was told going into the eighth grade that he was severely behind and if he did graduate would only be able to do a volunteer type job. Six years later he graduated with honors and is now working at DFW airport and running camera at church. I grieved because all of his cousins were going to college and he couldn’t. One of the mothers said to me, “God has given him character that can never be booked learned. It’s a God-given character that has developed in him because of what he’s been able to push through and work so hard to get. Our son has received several commendations from the airport and everybody knows him by first name. He is courageous and contagious, and touches everyone, where ever he goes as an encourager sharing the joy of his faith. Be encouraged. It only gets better.