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Rebecca Got The Phone Call That You Hope To Never Get

By July 23, 2021 No Comments

We had a terrible scare the other day. My sweet son, Nick, was hit by a car on his bike on Kirkpatrick in Flower Mound.

He was not wearing a helmet. He knows he is supposed to, but I was exhausted and didn’t check to see if he had it. I haven’t the last few times.

He has road rash on both legs, and his elbow. He has a scraped up torso. But miraculously, and by the mercy and grace of God, it appears that we avoided a head injury. I’ll watch him tonight and tomorrow to make sure he has no concussion symptoms.

This could have ended so differently. I can’t stop seeing him all bloody on the ground. The impact knocked him out of one shoe.

Please make your kids wear a helmet. We will never make this mistake again. If Nick won’t wear a helmet, he won’t ride his bike.

I haven’t stopped thanking God since it happened. But I want to say a few more thank you’s:

  • To the poor gentleman who hit him—thank you for stopping and calling the police. Thank you so much. Please pray for this kind man.
  • To the sweet woman who called me and started with, “I’m with your son and he’s okay.”
  • To the police who arrived within minutes and the fire fighters who hugged me. To the EMT who made me repeat her instructions back to her.

Please, please make your kids wear helmets.