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Rebecca Is Back!

By February 26, 2019 No Comments

After a long 2 weeks and a roller coaster of emotions, medical visits, and surgeries, both Jeff & Rebecca are back in the same studio again! If you were at HeartStrong Faith 2019, you definitely saw Rebecca make a surprise entrance as she introduced Chrystal-Evans Hurst. For all of you who have prayed tirelessly over Rebecca during her recovery journey, we can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done as it’s no doubt that Rebecca felt your prayers during this trying time. Of course, if you’ve known Rebecca at all, she is somebody that has a lot on her plate: speaking engagements, KCBI Morning Show, Dallas Theological Seminary, and of course, being a wife to Mike and a mother to Nick and Kaitlyn.

It was during this time, that she was forced to slow down and address some things that she’s been avoiding. I know that reading the Bible can often be something that we have to do and not something we GET to do. When Rebecca was forced to slow down, she was reminded that God is faithful and is near. When you read His word, you are actively making deposits in your heart, but one thing we forget is that at some point, we will have to write some checks. Just know that despite the trials and tribulations you will face being a follower of Christ that pursuing God and his promises is by far the greatest investment you could ever make!

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