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Rebecca’s Top 5: Everyday Items That Are Going Extinct

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Remember VCRs? Typewriters? Telephones with rotary dials instead of keypads? Landline phones? As technology marches on, everyday items that you couldn’t imagine living without are replaced with new products that are more efficient and useful.

Here are 5 items that could be headed for extinction next. Someday soon, you might be asking the “Remember?” question about these.

1. Keys: Losing your keys may not be a thing much longer, as new technology is rapidly replacing standard metal locks and keys. Many of us are already familiar with the coded plastic cards used to gain entry into hotel rooms. But already, hotels are dumping those cards in favor of smartphone apps, and soon your phone might also help you unlock the doors to your home, car, and office. Further, into the future, we’ll likely use our fingerprints and facial recognition in place of keys.

2. Textbooks: To the joy of students everywhere, those bulky, super expensive college textbooks may soon become a thing of the past. Within a few years, many experts suspect e-readers and tablet computers will become the norm for accessing reading assignments at universities. And some experts forecast that K-12 classes will follow the same trend. Not only are e-readers more lightweight and convenient, but they also allow teachers to assign electronic textbooks with interactive features that can help students master skills more thoroughly.

3. Televisions | TV Sets: Though TVs today have slimmed down substantially, even the sleekest among them may soon become a tribute to the past. Leading technology companies such as Apple are sinking billions of dollars into the development of augmented reality and virtual reality platforms. Rather than watching a story play out on a flat screen, the future will offer you the chance to use eyeglasses or even contact lenses to immerse yourself in a story like never before.

4. Manual Transmission Vehicles: Though manual transmission cars once boasted better gas mileage, several car companies including Mazda and BMW now offer automatic transmission models that score better mileage ratings than their stick-shift counterparts. Edmunds estimated in 2016 that only about a quarter of new vehicle models in the U.S. were available with standard transmissions and that fewer than 3% of cars sold nationwide were manual vehicles. Audi has stopped offering manual transmission cars in the U.S. Other automakers have moved to “semi-automatic” or “automated manual” transmissions that are similar to stick, though a computer handles the work of the clutch.

5. Analog Watches: Though they may seem “timeless,” analog watches seem destined to become time-telling relics, like sundials. The old-fashioned watches with hour, minute and (sometimes) second hands faced a stiff challenge from digital watches for decades and then along came the real game changer: smartwatches. Those are bound to get even smarter as developers work on offering video calling, streaming and other features without tanking the battery life. Makers of analog watches have been holding on by promoting their products as fashion accessories.

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