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Rebecca’s Top 5: Simple Ways To Boost Your Immune System During This Time

In a time like this, we definitely want our bodies and our health to be the best it can and so that’s why we decided to highlight several simple ways that you can boost your immune system so that your body can be strong as we fight the coronavirus globally.

  1. Eat More Garlic: No, it won’t do much for your breath, but, according to a study from Jagiellonian University in Poland, garlic is an antimicrobial agent and immune booster.
  2. Get Enough Sleep: Skipping out on sleep not only wreaks havoc on your immune system, but it also makes it harder to fight off a virus once you’ve got it.
  3. Get More Exercise: Regular workouts (which can be as low-intensity as a 30-minute walk) are essential to immune system functioning.
  4. Spend Some Time In The Sun: In addition to boosting your mood and helping ward off seasonal affective disorder, the sun can also prevent sickness.
  5. Laugh More: We thought “laughter is the best medicine” was just a cute saying. As it turns out, this study from Western Kentucky University found that laughing actually curbs the levels of stress hormones and boosts a type of white blood cell that fights infection.

If you’d like to read this full article from MSN, you can click here!