Mornings with Rebecca & Burns

Rebecca’s Top 5: Small Habits That Will Make You A Better Person In A Year

We all would like to improve our habits, right? Whether it’s our mindset or it’s making ourselves more disciplined when it comes to incorporating new activities into our lives, habits always have to start small. It’s in very rare circumstances where things are accomplished by not easing into them. This morning, Rebecca wanted to highlight a few habits that we can ALL do to ensure that we are better people by this time next year!

1. Spend the first 10 minutes of your day in God’s word. 

It is crucial that as soon as you get up that you don’t reach for your phone (unless it’s the Bible app). The best thing we can do for ourselves is to bask ourselves in God’s word as soon as we wake up to ensure that He is the first person we speak with and hear from each day. That will ensure that we start the day off the right way.

2. Read at least one book a month. 

Whether you like to read or not, it’s helpful to know the endless benefits that come when we expose ourselves to reading each day and month. It’s also suggested that you read at least one classic novel a year.

3. Take sleep as seriously as you do your job. 

For one, when you’re sleep-deprived, you’re more likely going to be snacking all day since it affects your hunger hormones and also, sleep provides essential time for your brain to rest so it can rid itself of harmful toxins that only can be treated while sleeping.

4. Do one kind thing a day for someone else.

Whether that’s paying for someone’s meal behind you or it’s as simple as holding the door open, creating this type of habit rewires your brain to be others-focused.

5. Take a 10-minute walk outside each and every day.

This may not seem like a big deal but in reality, it’s doing more than you know. It’s getting you outside soaking in essential vitamins from sunlight not to mention essential serotonin production for stress/anxiety relief.