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Rebecca’s Top 5: Things That Will Happen In 2020

*This article was originally published by Desirée O on MSN*

Many decades ago, the year 2020 sounded like a far-off futuristic time that would see humans zipping around in jetpacks and maybe even living in colonies on the moon. And while that might not be our exact reality (yet), there are plenty of exciting reasons to look forward to the year ahead. From trendy tech developments and stellar space-based events to the release of must-see movies and highly anticipated albums, here are 5 things that will happen in 2020.

1. Grocery store labels will change.

When you head to the grocery store in 2020, you may notice new labels on certain cans and boxes of food. That’s because the U.S. Department of Agriculture is insisting that anything that contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs) provide that information on the product’s packaging. But if you try to spot the GMO-related labels, don’t bother to look for that specific term. “Somewhat confusingly, they won’t say ‘GMO,'” Popular Science explains. “The proposed labels use the terms ‘BE’ and ‘bioengineered’ instead to avoid the contentious connotations that GMO carries.”

2. NASA will send living things into deep space for the first time since 1972.

Midway through 2020, NASA will send a spacecraft called BioSentinel—which is about the size of a briefcase—out into space for a trip into orbit around the sun. What makes this so special is that the craft will carry yeast cells with it, which will not only help scientists learn about off-planet radiation, but will also be the first time in almost 50 years since NASA has sent living things into deep space. Well, sort of. As notes, “a few hardy microbes stow away on every robotic planetary mission,” making their way into unknown areas of space.

3. A total solar eclipse will occur in mid-December.

You’ll have to wait until mid-December for one of the most spectacular space-related events of the year, but it will definitely be worth the wait: A total solar eclipse is happening. “If you’ve never seen the famous ‘hole in the sky’—one of nature’s greatest displays—another chance will come on Dec. 14, when the Moon’s central shadow will take just 24 minutes to cross Chile and Argentina,” according to Forbes. Be sure to have a pair of solar eclipse glasses handy if you want to get a glimpse of this phenomenon.

4. The 2020 Summer Olympic Games will take place in Tokyo.

Just like the 29th day of February, the Olympic Games only come around every four years. Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Summer Olympic Games between July 24 and Aug. 9, which will be the second time the Japanese capital has taken on the honor. The country was also the location of the 1972 Winter Olympics in Sapporo, and the 1998 Winter Olympics, held in Nagano.

5. Apple will release the iPhone 12.

Diehard Apple lovers will be eagerly awaiting their chance to pick up the new iPhone 12, which is expected to hit stores around Sept. 8 or Sept. 15, though no exact date has been announced yet. According to Business Insider, “Apple debuts its new iPhones like clockwork every September, and next year isn’t likely to be any different. Apple’s next-generation iPhones are expected to come with support for 5G networks, new 3-D cameras, and updated screen sizes for the Pro models,” among other snazzy perks that users are sure to adore.

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