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Receiving The Gift Of Rest This Christmas

By December 7, 2021 No Comments

Last night, my wife and I are at dinner sitting at the table and we’re just talking and I suddenly put the fork down just say this:

“You know what? I am ready for Christmas to be over.”

Naturally, she was very surprised and frankly, so was I. However, after I said that, it occurred to me that the last couple of days have been busy in regards to Christmas stuff around our house. I don’t know if this is how it is at your house but my wife is busy with the Christmas stuff and usually I’m busy with work. Yet there had been some Christmas things that I usually like to do every year like creating a small radio station for my wife so she can listen to her favorite Christmas music. That does take a fair amount of work but I usually enjoy doing it. However, my sister in life also wanted me to create a Christian music mix which meant that I had to made a CD for her and after a few things stacked up on me, I felt worn out and burnt out. This was an odd feeling because for this time of the year, this feeling is really new to me.

However, I was talking to my pastor about this and he was saying that this part of the year is usually the busiest for pastors everywhere not only with the Christmas holiday, but also with end of year budget things and planning for the upcoming year. So even though I know this is new to me for Christmas, maybe you find that this is you every Christmas.

So how do we find rest in the midst of all this craziness? When I’m stressed and over-committed, something that has been helpful for me is remembering the acronym R.E.S.T:

R: Remember God’s goodness. Anything that I’ve got going on that He’s called me to do is not intended to be a burden. It’s intended to be use me to be a blessing to others and to Him. 

E: Express what I need to others and to God. 

S: Seek His stillness. Even if we feel like we’re going crazy right now, ask Him to help you to calm down and cast your anxieties and worries on Him.

T: Trust His faithfulness. He has been, He is currently, and He always will be. 

Somewhere in the midst of all of this craziness, remember that you can accept that invitation to rest in God this Christmas. I’m not sure what you have going on stress wise, but if it’s burdening you, make sure that you: remember His goodness, express your neediness, seek His stillness, and trust His faithfulness.