Praise Wall

Relationship healing

Lord I’m asking you and asking others to believe and agree that you will help me and A to work things out. We need you in the center of our relationship. We need you to help us to start over with an clean slate and open and honest relationship. Help us to build the trust back. Nothing is impossible with you lord!! Nothing!!! You can do great things and I believe you will make mine and A’s relationship stronger than before!! I’m asking, believing and going to receive. I’m asking for everyone to pray and believe and agree with me!!!! The devil has got ahold of us and we need the lord in the center of us to make us stronger than before. Devil you will not win!!!! The Lord will prevail in this request!!!! Please soften mine and Andy’s heart. Soften his sons heart too. Help us all 3 to get along. His son need you and needs you to save his soul. God we need you to touch all 3 of us. I’m crying out to you. Me and Andy definitely need you in the center