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Repurposing Pain: How God Uses All Things for Good

Nestled in the middle of one the Bible’s most well-known passages is God’s definition of good. Megan Fate Marshman sits down with Rebecca Carrell and Liz Rodriguez to discuss what the world gets wrong about “good” and how God’s definition can set us free from life’s heaviest burdens.

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As an international speaker at churches, conferences, and university chapels, Megan Fate Marshman is a leading voice to this generation. She has devoted her life to loving God and overflowing His awesome love to others.

Megan is currently teaching at Willow Creek Community Church and the Director of Women’s Ministries at Hume Lake Christian Camps. She also shepherds women at her home church, Arbor Road. She also enjoys adventuring all over the globe with her family speaking and sharing the love of Jesus.

She authored the books “Meant for Good” and “SelfLess,” and co-wrote the book, “7 Family Ministry Essentials,” with Dr. Michelle Anthony. Megan also served as the Director of Student Resources for David C Cook Publishers, where she led a team in creating TruIdentity, a spiritually forming, Christ-centered, and family empowered youth ministry curriculum.

Megan lives in Lakewood, California, with her husband Randy, and their two boys.

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