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Rescue Me Lord from being a Rescuer

This is about my sister, who suffers from mental illness and another sister whose husband has an addiction to crack. The sister whose husband is addicted to crack says she cannot help our sister who suffers from mental illness, yet she continues to help her husband of six years who smokes crack. She hides behind Proverbs 19:19 regarding helping our sister who suffers from mental illness. Right now, that sister is homeless, has no shelter and very little money to live on. The husband who smokes crack lives in a very nice home, has food and shelter, does not work and is given a vehicle to drive. I need help in understanding how God sees both of these situations, and how you close the door on one, but keep it open for the other when it seems you are still rescuing the husband. One day she is kicking him out, then turns around and says she loves him and wants him back. Is this sister the one who is really sick? Please help me have a better understanding of what God says about this