Back to School Survival Guide

As the new school year begins, we want to equip you with Bible-centered resources.

Check out KCBI’s Back to School Survival Guide: you’ll find a prayer guide for ideas on how to pray for your children as they adjust, and helpful articles and resources so that you have a smooth transition into the school year.

Scriptures to Pray with Your Child

Our job as parents and grandparents is to protect, provide for, and help our children to grow. One of the ways we do these things is by interceding on their behalf to the One who can give them all that they need.

Are you praying for your child on a consistent basis?

To help you, KCBI has created a short but powerful eBook filled with 30 specific prayers for your children. Each prayer contains the words of a Bible verse, so that it aligns with God’s heart and His will for your child.

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Conversations to Encourage You as a Parent

Ideas to Equip You and Your Family

The Best Parenting Advice Rebecca Has Ever Received

This one statement continues to provide the foundation for the way Rebecca and her husband parent their kids: because they fully expect thier children to make mistakes.

5 Truths To Set Parents Free From Parenting Guilt

Parenting is one of life’s most rewarding but complex challenges. You won’t parent perfectly; you will make mistakes. So here are 5 truths to set parents free from parenting guilt.

3 Things That Often Lead Parents Into Debt

Out of the deep love we have for our children flows a desire for them to experience good things. But sometimes this good desire leads us down the path of poor financial decision-making. How do parents get there? Consider these 3 common causes.

3 Words Parents Need To Redefine For Their Kids

Redefining words helps our kids see the world more clearly. Here are 3 words we need to redefine for our children.

Parenting Teens In The Midst Of COVID-19

There are some things that we as parents need to keep a close eye on as we raise teenagers through one of the weirdest times in history.

The #1 Thing Parents Need To Do For Their Kids During The Pandemic

The number one thing parents should be doing to ensure their kid’s well-being in the middle of a pandemic might surprise you.

3 Ways That Parents Can Help Their Kids Adjust To This New “Normal”

In light of children looking for structure and peace during these uncertain times, here is a list of 3 ways we can help our kids adjust to this new “normal”.

Parents, You’re Aiming Too High!

Acknowledge the uncertainty and fear we’re all experiencing these days and put your normal expectations on hold. Things will resume to normal eventually, but right now, settle for good enough.

If You’re A Parent Of A Teen, You Need To Hear This

Teenagers can be a massive blessing but can also be the source of some of our toughest parenting years. Regardless of where you are at with your kids, Parenting Expert Josh Shipp has some encouraging words for you if you are in midst of struggling with your teenager.

You Are Doing Great As A Parent If You Are Getting This One Thing Right

For many of us, whether we have kids at home still or we have kids that are out of the house, it’s never too late to learn this valuable lesson. The one thing that we should get right as parents is this: just show up.

4 Truths For The Discouraged Parent

Parenting can be discouraging. Here are some things that may be encouraging to remember during those moments of fear, anxiety, and apprehension.

Private, Public, Or Home School? How Christian Parents Should Choose

How should Christian parents school their children? In this episode of Honest Conversations, Rebecca Carrell and Liz Rodriguez sit down with Jill Miller, who has taught in both public and private settings.

Encouragement & Wisdom For Parents Sending Their Kids Off To College

Dropping off your child at college and the few months which follow is hard. Here are some quick words of encouragement about leaving your child at college.

5 Tips For Motivating Our Kids In School After COVID-19

It can be difficult getting kids back into the rhythm of doing homework and staying motivated during the learning process. That’s why we decided to talk about 5 different ways that we can motivate our children when it comes to school.