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Explore 30 Reasons to Give Thanks!

No matter our circumstances, we have reason to give thanks—because of who God is!

As we approach Thanksgiving season, let’s spend the intervening days looking at 30 of God’s amazing attributes and giving thanks for who He is. KCBI has developed a brand-new eBook to focus our devotion on God’s character and to help us express thanksgiving for all of His amazing qualities.

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Worship God in every aspect of life!

The key component of worship is a heart of reverence, adoration, and submission to God’s will. Explore some of the various ways to worship in a brand-new ebook from KCBI.

Sign the Pledge to Read More Scripture!

Join thousands of other believers in committing to read, study, and memorize more of God’s word in order to positively impact our communities, our nation, and the world.

Join the Pledge to Pray for Our Country

Never has this country been more in need of believers’ prayers, people who know God is able to do great things. Because of this urgent need, we have created a helpful new resource to propel your prayer life in that direction for the next 10 days.

Get the Scripture and Encouragement You Need

KCBI’s Verse of the Day is a free email delivered to your inbox each morning, bright and early, to give you a much-needed dose of encouragement, wisdom, and conviction straight from God’s Word.

This carefully curated collection of hand-picked verses is intended to help you face the challenges of the day with God’s perspective, as you set your mind on things above.

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Be Courageous as You Share Your Faith

Sometimes the thought of telling others about Jesus’ love and transforming power creates a sense of fear in us. Replace the fear you may feel with confidence and obedience through a helpful and simple guide called 6 Steps to Authentically Share Your Faith.

Strengthen Your Relationship With God

Sometimes we need a small boost or reminder in order to reignite our Faith. Whether it’s being told to push yourself, being mindful of what you put into your body, or simply showing up and being present, you can strengthen your relationship with God.

Cling to Scripture in Uncertain Times

No matter what difficult or unsettling circumstances you are facing, the abundant promises of Scripture offer peace, hope, and security. We’ve put together a list of 30 such passages that offer hope and reassurance in uncertainty.

Back To School Survival Guide

Sending the kids back to school can be emotional! Check out KCBI’s Back to School Survival Guide: you’ll find a prayer guide for ideas on how to pray for your children as they adjust, and helpful articles and resources so that you have a smooth transition into the school year.

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Raise Your Kids In Faith

Parenting is hard. We know this, because we have kids of our own! And let’s be real – we’ve made a lot of mistakes and have needed a lot of grace. That’s why we’ve compiled a free resource library, just for you.

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Back-To-School Resources

COVID-19 has thrown us in so many areas of our lives.  Now many families are faced with the question of what to do with their children for school. As parents ourselves, we can relate – so we decided to put together a list of resources to help you with your decision.

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Prepare Your Heart as You Await Our Savior’s Birth

These weekly devotionals will help you turn your attention towards Christ’s humble arrival, draw you closer to God, and align your heart and mind with our Savior.

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Prepare Your Heart to Worship This Easter

Let KCBI help you prepare your heart during the Easter season with a brand-new ebook devotional, Preparing for Easter: Devotions to prepare your heart this Easter season. Preparing for Easter will turn your thoughts to Jesus, His sacrifice, His surrender, and His victory.

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Do you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus? We want to help you! In fact, you can receive exclusive resources to help you in your walk, Biblical truths to strengthen your faith, and words of encouragement from your KCBI family – right in your inbox!

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