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Response to Daily Dilemma from 3/10/17

By March 10, 2017 No Comments

Good Morning Jeff and Rebecca-

Today’s dilemma hits very close to home. I have personally gone through a very similar situation within my family.

1. PRAY, PRAY AND PRAY SOME MORE for strength and peace. Pray for a Godly woman that has this experience to come along side her to help navigate these waters.

2. Suggest reading Dr. Henry Cloud’s book “Safe People”. It will help her discern how and if she should share with this friend. In our culture we quickly label everyone “friends”, but that is a special title reserved for only certain people. She needs to discern whether this woman is (perhaps unknowingly) helping her form a co-dependent bond to help her remain in the pit. I do not know her, so I do not know if she is a depressive/anxious type person. I would not be surprised if she were, as, if we are all truthful, we all visit there to some degree and time frame in our lives.

3. If this is a healthy relationship, by ALL MEANS, please reach out prior to the shower