Praise Wall


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I have lived a wonderful and blessed life. I’ve lived and traveled all over our wonderful country. It’s never been easy, but amply able to provide for my family with plenty left to give to others. My whole life changed after 911 and I lost my job and found myself in Lubbock Texas caring for my ailing father. He and my mother divorced when my 5 siblings and myself were young He was a very simple man who never had much, but always had room for us. I’ve always been in close contact with him and when I found myself jobless and him sick with cancer I felt the need to leave the “good” life and plant myself with him to see him through his battle. I thought my wife, and 2 very young children, would be fine. Well, she wasn’t, she missed the income and all the pleasures it provided while I could only see my father slowly dying. I guess when he passed after a 6 year battle, that we all died a little. My wife divorced me, but I found KCBI. I took the “30 day” challenge and now live for my God!