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Right on Time

September 24, 2015

KCBI has been right on time in my life. Through my initial breast cancer diagnosis and when it returned a year later. There was times when I felt like I was completely spent emotionally and couldn’t share it with anyone that KCBI gave me the hope and encouragement that I needed to make it through the day. There was always a song or testimony that was right on time. When I was finally able to return to work I was ecstatic but I wasn’t there long before realizing that after being out a year…nothing was the same. I felt lost , discouraged and didn’t know what to do. Then one day while listening to KCBI I heard a sermon on serving God no matter what job we are in. I was just the message I needed at that time, it led to a change in my attitude, which I believe was the catalysts for me being able to be blessed with a raise and a different position. Thank you for always being right on time with Gods Word!