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Running home to God

By January 28, 2017 No Comments

I was never raised in a religious home, and never kept many friends that knew God. Now that I am an adult I have been tirelessly searching for something bigger than myself. Now fast forward two years and now here I am, a born again Christian. I never would’ve seen myself here in a million years. Ever since I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior things have been falling into place. Just today two lovely people came into my work and prayed over me out of nowhere! They also prayed for my husband who hasn’t yet found the truth of God and Jesus. I finally accepted what I had denied my whole life and found peace. Your station has helped me too, I’ve learned so much and my marriage is on the mend. Pray that my husband finds God so I may do my duty and raise our son with God in his life. God bless you!