Mornings with Rebecca & Burns

Satan’s Deadliest Trick

The enemy wants you to believe that God is frustrated with you. Disappointed in you. Enduring your presence because you prayed a prayer and walked an aisle and therefore, he’s locked in.

This might be Satan’s deadliest trick–to keep you from dwelling in Christ’s love. For if Satan can convince you that the Lord merely tolerates you (and scarcely, at that), then he has successfully stripped you of all desire and inclination to turn toward your Father and abide in him. For who seeks to sit in the Presence of one who clenches their fists and grinds their teeth at the very sight of you? But the One who longs for you, sings over you, rejoices over you? We could hardly bear to leave his Presence if that were true.

Guess what, friend? It’s true.

But the enemy will fight to keep you entangled in unbelief. Why? Because we have no shot–no shot–at long-term godliness outside of him.