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saved by grace

By April 24, 2021 No Comments

At 17 I was given in marriage to an older adult in his 30s but he abused me physically mentally emotionally. After 16yrs my 3 children spoke up for me and their teacher called cops to save us. After getting out I felt lost because at 34 I have been so controlled I don’t know who I am and being responsible for myself and 3 children was overwhelming. I needed a while noise to drown my constant thought of suicide so I bought a small radio and the first channel was kcbi. I was overcomed by hope and encouragement I made a decision to live believing that God will walk me through this path and I have never looked back since then 6yrs and stronger. I can’t stop give to this radio station that saved me Andi know they are truly saving lives for good, am all in, thank you!