Praise Wall

Saved by Grace

I would like to do a live broadcast of my story. I know my story will provide hope and strength to those that are at their lowest point in life and may even be contemplating suicide as their only option out of the shame that I also felt due to my sins, but by my faith, I was transformed. I had to hit complete bottom. To be able to say to others. “I know where you have been”. I have been to the bottom of the deep well with the ladder pulled up by the enemy so there was no way to climb out. UntiI I stopped living through my own will and ways and called out to God in that final hour of lost hope and cried out to him and God immediately put that ladder in front of me and I have been born into a new life with Christ as my guide every day. It’s a daily walk and life is still life, but peaceful and more blessed when we give it all back to our Father, to help guide us and to help us survive in this broken world! Please call me at 817-683-5014. I have a very remarkable story. Thanks