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sbm to get huge projects n all quotations send return as lpo s urgently

By April 2, 2017 No Comments

please pray for my husband will receive huge projects for sbm,let him receive the lpo s for the ettihad airways & khan projects,also that we receive new palace projects & we also ask u lord to give him the DAFRA AIR BASE PROJECTS THAT THEY WILL GIVE IMRAN THE LPO FOR THIS PROJECT.& all the quotations he sent he receives the lpo s ecnoch should accept sbm this quotation & give him the job i pray that al tayer too wil send the lpo as early as possible to sbm.& ask request the work to start. bless him with his investor visa,& his somroo trade licenced be renewed lord please provide him the finances to complete all this, bring in joy peace laughter& happiness in our hearts, ,lord take away all the obstacles that disturbed our sales,bring in right people to work for us in this office to do listing for our products,and to work well lord u reccomend people to us lord u chose staff for us please who will be honest in our work n last for us.lord make imran busy in his buissness and me in my