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“The secret world of autism is unbelievable.”

February 27, 2018

My friend AJ has a little girl named Cecily who has autism and shared this so I wanted to pass it on:

“I have had days where I have been right where this fellow Gladiator Mama has been. And it sucks! My heart goes out to her. And I applaud her for being brutally honest! Most people won’t be this vulnerable…and most people will never understand this journey of special needs parenting. But I want everyone to know the hope and peace of Jesus Christ! That is how I parent Cecily with a positive attitude! Because He’s got her! And He has me! And He gave His life for me (and you) and He gives me unconditional love and grace and forgiveness and salvation. And one day Cecily will be whole in heaven, and the things of this world will be a distant memory. But while we are here, I choose gratitude for Cecily. Because she teaches me (more than anyone else) the character of Christ. And I am so thankful He chose me to be her mama!”see the video