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Seeing JESUS in everything!

October 27, 2014

I’ve been a believer and truster in Jesus Christ, but I became more on fire for HIM as I prayed more constantly from my heart, “LORD JESUS, Please become more real to me than I am to myself!” In other words, that I see JESUS in how HE loves the strangers on the street whom I wave at, the next door neighbor, the neighborhood children, both the believers and unbelievers overseas, the orphaned and widowed, the “sinners” like the gays, the unlovable, the ugly fat people with tattoos, indeed, all the people who were born into this world around me. I don’t ever watch TV because finally, as I tell people, we are in GOD’s TV! We are all on HIS STAGE and that is the true REALITY TV. And the natural world and the woods that I walk through, the stars that I see in the sky, all speak of HIS GLORY. For indeed, all things where created by JESUS CHRIST, that all things created were created through HIM and FOR HIM (Colossian 1:16). And we as human are made to ENJOY and GLORIFY the LORD forever!