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Settle The Score: How To Handle The Toilet Paper Shortage

By March 12, 2020 No Comments

It’s Time ⏰ to SETTLE THE SCORE‼️

Lauree “LO” Austin just tried buying toilet 🧻paper on Amazon and it was EMPTY! 🤯

So if you are in a store 🛒and you come upon the Toilet 🧻Paper aisle and there are only 2 PACKS LEFT… (first of all take a photo 🤳🏽to send to your friends to document the moment!) then answer this: what do you do to SURVIVE?

Do you take both packs of toilet 🧻 paper for you?

Lauree “LO” Austin says, “Oh yeah! only the strong survive and have toilet paper to use!”

Producer Josh says, “No way! I take one pack and leave a pack for the next person💞.”

Now you! Settle the Score…what do you do?