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Sin May Trip Us Up, But The Shame After Can Be What Keeps Us Down

By March 5, 2021 No Comments

Sin is a major issue. It’s real. It’s what separates us from God when we don’t know Jesus. But what if we told you it was the shame that follows sin that’s truly keeping us from living a life worthy of the calling we’ve received?

Holly Brown, an author and speaker, had this to say about sin: “Sin may trip us up for a season, but it’s often the shame that follows that keeps us paralyzed for a lifetime.”

If you have no one else to tell you this, we’d be happy to be that for you. There is freedom and forgiveness is the name of Jesus. Christ came to set us free. Christ came to set YOU free. The enemy and his tactics to keep you sidelined have no power anymore. Satan may call you “sinner”, but because of Jesus, God calls you “saved”.