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Smuggling Food On Flights = Love Missions!

By October 11, 2019 No Comments


Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they shove 20 bags of Flamin Hot Cheetos in their carry on bags to save your day!
At least that is the story with out latest hero to recognize! Apparently she had 20 bags shoved in there. Which isn’t a crime, it’s a mission of love for all her Korean friends who say that Flamin Hot Cheetos are nearly impossible to find in Korea and if found cost nearly $18 per bag!  I too was once a hero, there is a tortilla chip called Juanita’s that we love in Oregon and my sister in Brooklyn can only order them on Amazon so yeah…a little smuggling happened.  Y’know Emily and me, we’re just doing what we can to make the world a better place one chip at a time.  But what did Debbie smuggle back from Chicago that had to be frozen before her flight? Listen to the story!