Praise Wall


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My name is Sharon and i am a born again Christian for about 3 yrs.and a recovering alcoholic for about the same 3 yrs. Due to sexual and physical abuse as a child I became an alcoholic for about 20+ yrs of my life, as i could not deal with the pain i endured. I have chosen to give my life over to God as i have paid a huge price for my own choices. As a result my ex now has full custody of my kids due to my drinking. I stand here today forgiving by God for those sin as he has blessed me by allowing me to be fully apart of my kids life despite my current situation. I am allowed to home school my kids at their Dad’s house and have the joy of being a full time Mom still to this day.The only prayer i would ask is for complete reconciliation for my family. I ask that my ex will forgive me for my past and we can restore our relationship, i ask for the love we once share to be restored to double what we had. I hope that God will allow us to be committed in marriage and be committed to God.