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Social Media Detox…A Short “How-To”

By November 15, 2017 No Comments

This morning I came across a post on social media…about how to detox or cleanse from social media use (ironic much?!).  And I took away some great thoughts for me, but I’m all about the shared experience so I wanted you to hear this wisdom too!
Liz Forkin Bohannon, founder of Sseko (very cool social enterprise company!), wrote her perspective on how she’s used or stopped social media:

“I’ve got a two strikes rule. If I follow someone on social media and feel something negative (insecurity, jealously, judgment, comparison, etc.) I let it go the first time and assume I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and just move on with my day.
But if it happens again? I make a decision. I either UNFOLLOW or I commit to praying for that person every time I see them on the socials. Because there is nothing that combats jealousy and comparison like asking the good Lord to bless their hashtag blessed selves even more ????. (For realz try.)”

I’ve done 50% of this recommended list before.  I felt pretty proud of myself for just removing the temptation of jealousy as I unfollowed certain accounts on Instagram or Facebook. But I admit I’ve not thought to be praying for those people that I sit and compare myself too. To pray for the marriage that looks blissful, or the home to be filled with as much peace as the number of angelic kiddos, adorable pillows, or plants she displays, or to pray that God would continue to nurture the beauty of her heart to match her incredible outward beauty that I compare myself too.

However you use social media keep your mind and heart in check to reality and stay tethered to the voice of Truth!  -Lauree